• October 23, 2017

    VIRFEX Announces Hiring of Attorney Anthony Caruso

    VIRFEX Announces Hiring of Attorney Anthony Caruso

    Legal veteran retained to reorganize tech startup and arrange for capital investment

    MANHATTAN, N.Y. – October 20, 2017 – VIRFEX LLC has announced that it has hired Anthony R. Caruso, accomplished business and entrepreneurial attorney, to represent the company in its various legal and business matters as general outside counsel. Gus Denhi, Founder and CEO, confirmed that Caruso will be developing a growth strategy and advising the shareholders regarding certain reorganization and corporate governance issues. His immediate objective is to position the Company for growth as it develops its line of ground-breaking products both in the defense and sports industries.

    Denhi sought out and retained Caruso based on his proven track record of achieving success for startup ventures as well as his strong legal acumen for deal structuring, negotiation and legal strategy.

    “As soon as we met with him, we knew Anthony was the perfect fit for us,” says Denhi. “Not only does Anthony have significant legal experience in this area, but he also has succeeded as an entrepreneur. The advice he provides is a combination of legal, business strategy and personal experience.”

    Caruso was a founding executive of an internet-based services company that revolutionized the way real estate was sold at the time, and he continues to have a major presence in the startup/venture capital community. He is a partner and department chair at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, where he maintains offices in NYC and NJ.

    “VIRFEX has developed a proprietary material that has the potential of outperforming the best available technology currently used for military defense/ law enforcement and sports/recreation”, says Caruso. “This is one of the most exciting projects of my career, and I look forward to helping my client reach its goals quickly and successfully.”

    The Company plans to make several more announcements in the coming months.
    Anthony R. Caruso Esq. is a commercial transactions attorney who routinely represents clients in the areas of business, sports, entertainment, licensing and technology. He currently serves on the adjunct faculty at New York University and routinely appears in the media as a legal analyst and guest commentator.
    Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., is a full-service corporate and litigation law firm with an international practice and offices in New Jersey; New York City and Pennsylvania. www.nmmlaw.com
    VIRFEX LLC, based in MA, has developed a ground breaking proprietary material for high intensity energy absorption. It comprises multi-impact technology applicable to a various uses including body armor for military /law enforcement and sports helmets for protection against concussions.

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    Susan Belfer of Belfer Communications
    Ed Miller, CMO, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus